Why Contabo

1. Contabo is an official "Certified Provider" – fair provider, guaranteed service!

Contabo is scrutinized for its quality and service from "webhostlist.de", one of Germany's leading testers for hosting companies. Contabo got the official title of "Certified Provider" which only the fairest and most reliable hosting providers are awarded. Webhostlist.de defines a provider that may hold this award as follows:

"No chance for black sheep! With this slogan, WebHostlist brings more light to Germany's jungle of more than 2,000 different providers. In line with our promotion "Tested Providers - Fair Providers - Guaranteed Service", certain providers have been specially highlighted in our list. These providers...

... have demonstrated that they are legitimate businesses by submitting their official registration documents (trading license, excerpt from the commercial register, etc.).
... undertake to offer you, as a visitor to the WebHostlist, the products and services shown in our online list.
... have committed themselves to transparent pricing for their products and services so that the price you see here in the WebHostlist is the price you pay.
... agree to WebHostlist providing arbitration in disputes.

What does this mean for you? It is primarily a guarantee that you have found a professional provider that gives priority to customer service and allows you to seek a solution under the auspices of WebHostlist should problems arise."


2. Own data centers in Munich and Nuremberg - with personnel on site 365 days a year

In order to face the growing demand in quality, we have opened up a data center in Munich with enough room for 4000 servers in 2009. In 2014 we have opened a second data center with enough room for for 10.000 servers in Nuremberg. Both data centers are equipped with the most modern technology and connected with high-speed bandwidth in order to meet even higher expectations. You can find details about these data centers. Our two live-webcams are open to everyone who is interested in the facility. Both data centers are manned 365 days a year (on holidays and weekends as well), the office rooms are located in the same building. In case of emergencies, we are also available around-the-clock for you (if you are interested, please e-Mail us for 'emergency support').


3. Contabo's prices are unrivalled!

Our long-standing, regular customers know this best of all:
Our prices are permanently falling and our services and hardware are constantly improving! In just one year Contabo customers benefited from three price reductions whilst the services included with each package/server improved by at least 100% and sometimes by even as much as 1000% – and all for the same price. The reason for this is simple: irrespective of whatever new products and services our competitors launch, our goal is to undercut their prices – however fantastic they may be – while keeping up the service standards we're well on the way towards reaching this goal!


4. A minimum period of just 1 month!

A contract period of 12 months is a de facto standard by most hosting providers. Hence, the customer is stuck to that particular service for up to one year. In the fast-moving computer industry in particular, the rented hardware may have already become obsolete after only 6 months.
This means that, once the commitment is made, the customer's flexibility is severely limited: if the server is not needed any more after a few months: "Hard luck!"

But not with Contabo!

We know that our customers always want to use up-to-date hardware and benefit from maximum flexibility. Hence, we offer all of our dedicated servers with a minimum contract period of just 1 month.


5. Only the fastest connections, only the best hardware for our customers

All of Contabo servers are connected to at least one 100 megabit port - often even with a 1 gigabit port. This means that, even at peak times and during periods of high traffic volume, your data will still be transferred to the Internet at very high speed – long page loading times are a thing of the past in every respect.
Customers outside Germany can count on extremely high standard transmission speeds. The reason for this is that the majority of our customers live in the time zone UTC +/-1. For customers in the USA for example, this means that the entire network is hardly loaded during their peak times because it is night-time in the UTC +/-1 zone.

When it comes to server hardware we do not compromise. Other hosting providers may opt for cheap suppliers, our servers are equipped with branded hardware (for example Intel, Samsung, Western Digital).